Who do i contact if need Warranty service?

To obtain warranty service in Puerto Rico, call LB Caribe Services Inc at: (787)775-6165.

Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is HIBRIDtech power generators warranty?

All HIBRIDtech Power Generators are covered by a limited 2 Years or 2,000 hours warranty.

What are the specifics of the warranty?

This HIBRIDtech Corp. Generator System has been manufactured and inspected with care by experienced craftsmen.  If you are the original purchaser, HIBRIDtech Corp. warrants for two years or two thousand (2000) hours, whichever occurs first, that the system will be free from defect in material and workmanship if properly installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with HIBRIDtech Corp. instructions manual.  A HIBRIDtech Corp. distributor, dealer or authorized representative must perform startup to honor the warranty.

This warranty is not effective unless the proper extended warranty registration form and warranty fee have been set to HIBRIDtech Corp. within one year of supervised startup.

During the warranty period, HIBRIDtech Corp. reserve the right to repair or replace. parts or a full generator if in a inspection the equipment shows a defect in material or workmanship, and provided that the part or parts are returned to HIBRIDtech Corp. or an authorized service station, if requested.  This extended warranty expires two years after the date of startup or after 2000 hours of operations, whichever occurs first.*

This warranty does not apply to malfunctions caused by damage, unreasonable use, misuse, or normal wear and tear while in your possession.

A Start up Notification form must be completed by the seller and received at HIBRIDtech Corp. within 60 days after the date of initial start up.  Standby systems not registered within 60 days of startup will automatically be registered by HIBRIDtech Corp. using the ship date as the startup date.

To obtain warranty service in Puerto Rico, call LB Caribe Services Inc at: (787)775-6165.

HIBRIDtech Corp. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND including, but not limited to, incidental consequential labor cost, installation charges, telephone charges, or transportation charges in connection with the replacement or repair of defective parts.

This is our exclusive written warranty.  We make no other express warranty, nor is anyone authorized to make any in our behalf.  ANY IMPLIED OR STATUTORY WARRANTY, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHATABILITY OR FITNESS OF PURCHASE, is expressly limited to the duration of this warranty.

Some states do not allow limitations in how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

What's not convered under HIBRIDtech's Warranty?

The following will not be covered by this warranty:

  1. Normal engine wear, routine tune up parts, adjustments and periodic service.
  2. Damages caused by accidents, improper installations or handling, faulty repairs not performed by authorized service representative, or improper storage.
  3. Damages caused by operation with improper fuel or at speeds, loads, conditions, modifications, or installation contrary to published specifications or recommendations.
  4. Damages caused by negligent maintenance such as:Original installation charges and startup cost.
    1. Failure to provide the specified type and sufficient lubricating oil.
    2. Failure to keep the air intake and cooling fin areas clean.
    3. Failure to service the air cleaner.
    4. Failure to provide sufficient coolant and/or cooling air.
    5. Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as prescribed.
    6. Failure to exercise with load regularly.
  5. Starting batteries and the following related expenses:Engine coolant heaters, heater controls, and circulating pups after the first year.
    1. Labor charges related to battery service.
    2. Travel expenses related to battery service.
  6. Rental of equipment during performance of warranty repairs.
  7. Parts purchased for source other than HIBRIDtech Corp.
  8. Radiator replaced rather ant repaired.
  9. Fuel injection pumps not repaired locally by an authorized service dealer.
  10. Non-any other company-authorized repair shop labor without price approval from the HIBRIDtech Corp. Warranty Department.
  11. Engine fluids such as fuel, oil, or coolant/antifreeze.
  12. Shop supplies such as adhesives, cleaning solvent, and rags.
  13. Expenses incurred investigating performance complaint unless the problem is caused by defective HIBRIDtech Corp. materials or workmanship.
  14. Maintenance items such as fuses, filters, spark plugs, loose/leaking clamps, and adjustments.

Replacements of a failed HIBRIDtech Corp. part with a non- HIBRIDtech Corp. parts voids warranty on that part.

The service maintenance is not included in the warranty of the power generator purchasing price.


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